Elementary Schools

NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE was developed to build sustainability and capacity through professional development for teaching staff and classroom follow-up visits. Through fun and interactive games tailored to each grade, students learn about nutrition and physical activity. These games and activities are taught by both the teacher and NSTEP coordinators.

Students also participate in Snack Attacks, where student leaders from upper level classes (grades 4+) are taught how to make a healthy snack. These student leaders then go teach their class, who then go and share their knowledge with their little buddies in K-3. This fosters a positive learning environment and student leadership within the school community.

Parents education is included in the program through newsletters. Simple assessment tools are used with the students to track eating and activity habits, and results are reported back to both the school and parents. Many of the assessment tools are linked to other areas of the school curriculum, like math and computer science. For example, results from the “Snack Tracker” can be analyzed and turned into a bar or pie graph.