Junior High School

is a different implementation, (more holistic comprehensive school health approach) with 4 full day series of presentations, station based, during the year with a focus on the Teen Brain (Dr. Ron Clavier’s research):The Junior High NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE includes:

  • the neurological physiological changes on the teenage brain
  • physical activity and its benefits for teen brains, (each presentation starts with physical activity such as 10 for 10 challenge, hemoglobin dance, “grocery cart” fundamental movement, dance for your heart, measuring pulse rate with different types of activity)
  • healthy eating (breakfast, ups and downs of sugar, fuel up for activity, energy in energy out)
  • distracted teen and nature deficit disorder, dangers of texting
  • body image
  •  hydration
  •  mental well being
  • De-stress with yoga and relaxation techniques
  • sleep/junk sleep and effects on teen brain
  • student led education video for  “Distracted Teen” for whole junior high school
  • SNACK at each presentation (300 students x 4 days = 1200 snacks)

The junior high program builds on the elementary NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE.

Therefore, NSTEP offers the junior high program nationally where there is a cluster of elementary schools feeding into a junior high OR the school is a Kindergarten to Grade 9 setting. The cost for the program is approximately $18-20.00 per student for the full year BUT NSTEP fundraises for the cost of the program from generous donors.