Welcome to NSTEP

Eat, Walk, Live.

NSTEP provides hands-on nutrition and physical activity education to children, teachers, and families across Canada. We strive to promote positive change in the health of our communities through active learning.

Small changes lead to huge results over time. Our programs support kids to learn and practice new health behaviours so they become habits. Parents learn what foods to buy and eat, and the importance of physical activity and self-care.

We compiled resources that support others in teaching healthy habits to the youth they serve. We understand resource development can take time and be costly. Learn more about how our resources can help you in your role as an educator!

Our Mission

To educate and motivate children, youth, and families to eat better, walk more, and live longer.

Our Vision

To create a wave of health flowing across Canada through families, schools, and communities.

NSTEP focuses on building healthy habits for life

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