What is NSTEP?

NSTEP is focused on building healthy habits for children, for life!

We are an education hub of scientific, evidence based knowledge that focuses on teaching healthy habits for children, for life. We want their brains to be powered and nourished through healthy eating and physical activity. Nutrition and activity build better brains and bodies.

NSTEP is different than other health promotion programs in its success at being accepted, integrated and supported by school staff and administration at all levels of the education system. Our programs are sought after by teachers because they provide curriculum and activities that teaches children and youth how to build communities inside the places they spend the greater part of their lives.

Our programs provide opportunities to:
  • Connect children in different school levels with each other
  • Provide older children a vehicle to mentor younger children
  • Provide examples of actions they can do to meet these goals
  • Provide teachers with curriculum tools to address nutrition and healthy living
  • Provide administrators with tools to influence wellness across a broad range of ages and abilities
  • Collaborate with NSTEP coordinators with backgrounds in education, dietetics, kinesiology, nursing, and human ecology
  • Deliver knowledge online or in-person

Four Foundations


We want to simplify the complex messages around nutrition (healthy eating) physical activity, and mental well being. There are many conflicting messages from a variety of sources, and we want to take away as much confusion as possible, so that we can focus on the core message – healthy habits and activities lead to healthy brains.

Deep Cultural Shift

We want to help create a deep cultural shift by introducing small changes in everyday routines that will cumulatively give big results. Our innovation is on individual classroom and organizational support for teachers, caretakers, and parents, to help build the right framework for sustainable healthy habits.


Creating leadership opportunities in schools, communities, organizations, with student wellness leaders! We want children and youth to own their success in creating these healthy habits.


We collaborate and work with stakeholders, businesses, caretakers and parents, teachers and administration, and health champions who are passionate about improving children’s health.


Our History

In 2002, the World Health Organization stated that the current generation will be the first generation of children who will die before their parents, all due to preventable nutritional diseases.

This statement was the inspiration for NSTEP to be created by our founder, Deb Hymers. Deb created NSTEP to make sure that the next generation had all the knowledge and tools to build healthy habits, for life.

NSTEP works with schools, community, after school programs, colleges, universities, and early childhood education initiatives providing hands-on nutrition and physical activity programs to help teach children and their caregivers how to live their best lives.

Our programs provides fun, interactive and easy-to-learn healthy eating habits and activity programs. Our programs are evidence-informed action that shows both physical activity and healthy eating positively impact the mental health of children. We focus on all the key elements that will help educators and caregivers create healthy habits for children, for life.

What sets NSTEP apart​​

NSTEP’s programs are adaptable and have been implemented in 3 provinces. Every school, organization, caregiver, parent, and guardian have different needs. We adapt our programs to ensure they meet the needs of the specific population. This includes an awareness and sensitivity to various cultural foods and restrictions.

NSTEP bases its programs on scientific studies from dietitians, educators, neurologists, and physical activity experts. We have integrated our lesson plans into core subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Lastly, NSTEP is inclusive. We focus on making sure that the children we work with are all involved and invested, including those who are deaf, hard of hearing, and Skill I and II (moderate developmental disabilities).

Our 2022-2023 Impact Report

We are grateful for the support from our community
partners, agencies, volunteers, and supporters. Through our innovative programs and partnerships, we’ve witnessed remarkable transformations in communities across Western Canada. From promoting nutrition education in schools to fostering active living environments, our initiatives are creating lasting impacts on the health and well-being of generations to come. Join us as we reflect on our achievements, share inspiring stories, and chart the course for a healthier future together.