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Back to School

Hey NSTEPpers! It’s time for back-to-school. With this crazy pandemic going on, everyone’s school life looks different this year. So we wanted to talk about a few steps you could

All The Dimensions of Health and Wellness

(The following is an excerpt from a presentation one of our practicum students did on nature deficiency!)  Hey NSTEPpers! As you know, NSTEP is all about encouraging our younger generation

Screen-Free Activities For Your Kids

Adapted from: The Good Life Magazine For the child who needs some downtime and calm… Spa Bath Not just for adults! A warm soak in a tub is a great

Give Your Brain A Break!

Adapted from Terry Small, The Brain Guy. Daily life is a rollercoaster; sometimes, you just need to give yourself a little grace and give your brain a break. Here are

Benefits of Sleep for your Brain

Let’s be honest. We all know that sleep is a big deal… nobody likes being a tired zombie. But did you know just how much a good night’s sleep impacts

Wellness Warriors

One of our favourite programs! Hi NSTEPpers! We wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our favourite programs from the last school year. We ran a program called