NSTEP Certificate Program

Designed for anyone working with children and youth. We tailor the delivery to meet the needs of the particular group.

The NSTEP Certificate Program is designed to equip individuals with the resources and confidence to teach children and youth about nutrition and physical activity within their organization or program. Our goal is to spread the knowledge of why healthy eating and physical activity are essential for optimal brain and mental health.

The NSTEP Certificate Program contains 4 levels, including three 2-hour seminars for each level. We ensure each seminar is customized to meet the group’s unique needs and timelines. We provide flexible delivery options such as in-person or via Google Meet. The cost is approximately $100 per person to complete each level.

We recommend our Certificate Program to students in post-secondary Education, Nursing, and Nutrition programs. It can also be offered as extra training for various community groups and organizations who work with children and youth.

Examples of groups who have completed Level 1 (Eat, Walk, Live) of the NSTEP Certificate Program:

  • Students within MRU Faculty of Education
  • U of C Nursing Students
  • Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth After School Program
  • Stoney Nakoda Health Promoters
  • SAIT Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles