School Programs

Our school programs are geared for elementary, junior high and high schools, and are based on a Comprehensive School Health model.

Our school programs are geared for elementary, junior high and high school teachers and students, and are based on a Comprehensive School Health model. When NSTEP collaborates with a school, we work together with the whole school community.

Elementary: EAT WALK LIVE

Junior High & High School: Teen Brain

We believe that small changes cumulatively add up to huge results. Students and children of all ages learn new skills, and get to practice new behaviours that will eventually become habits. What children learn in schools, they take home to their families.

NSTEP’s EAT WALK LIVE program was developed to build sustainability and capacity through professional development for teaching staff. The program consists of:

  • Professional Development (PD) sessions
  • Classroom follow-up sessions
  • Snack Attacks

Through fun and interactive games tailored to each grade, students learn about nutrition and physical activity. These games and activities are taught by both the teachers and school staff, as well as our NSTEP coordinators.

Students also participate in Snack Attacks, where student leaders (health champions from grades 1-6) are taught how to make a healthy snack. The student leaders take the healthy snack into the classroom and share knowledge with their peers a simple way for all kids to make healthy snacks at home. We believe that this interactive teaching cycle fosters a positive learning environment and student leadership within the school.

Simple assessment tools are used with the students and results are reported back to both the school and parents. Many of the assessment tools are linked to other areas of the school core curriculum.

NSTEP Teen Brain builds on the foundation of the elementary NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE program.

The Teen Brain program includes:

  • Knowledge transfer to teachers (format determined by each school)
  • 4 Teen Brain presentations for students building on curriculum from grades 7-12.

The content of the program includes:

  • Neurological physiological changes happening to the teen brain
  • Physical activity and its benefits for teen brains
  • Healthy eating and hydration
  • Body image and self-esteem
  • Mental well being and growth mind-set
  • Stress and strategies to de-stress
  • Sleep and the brain
  • Other topics that the school wants included based on their needs (example: screentime)

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