Screen-Free Activities For Your Kids

Adapted from: The Good Life Magazine

For the child who needs some downtime and calm…

Spa Bath

Not just for adults! A warm soak in a tub is a great way to relax, ease stress, and teach your kids the value and importance of self-care. 

Fill a tub with some bubble bath, set out a few little containers of bath products (a small number of Epsom salts, baking soda, bath oils, etc.)  add a little snack (apple slices, anyone?), some soothing music and voila! Instant calm…

For the scientist…

Fizzy Eruptions

Mix some food colouring to a few little pots of vinegar, then cover a plate with baking soda. Using a medicine dropper or syringe, have your child drop the coloured vinegar onto the baking soda to make fun fizzy eruptions and interesting patterns.

For the artist…

Life-Sized Self Portrait

Trace the outline of your child’s body on a strip of long paper on the floor. Have them draw in the details of their face and clothes. Then they can paint their bodies.


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