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Dear Community Partners,

NSTEP is grateful for the support from our community partners, agencies, volunteers, and supporters. The past year we have continued to bring our programs where children live, learn, and play. March 13, 2020 and the advance of COVID-19 changed the way we delivered NSTEP. We learned how to do this with Zoom, Google Meet to expand our NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE Certificate Level 1 seminar virtually. 

This is the opportunity we learned from COVID-19, how we can have a greater impact with more knowledge transfer to different organizations that work with children and youthin Alberta, BC, and perhaps across Canada. KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER to more post secondary institutions and community partners will be our focus for 2021-2022. 

Special thanks to our NSTEP Board of Directors-Jane Makin, Jane Royer, Lindy Kennedy, Kerianne James, and Rana Hamodah who are all passionate about children’s health and well being. 

To the Master Trainer Health Champions in BC-Wendy Lee Leeners, Kathy Yamasaki, AB-Darlene Schindel in Edmonton, and Sarah Galbraith in Calgary. I am so grateful for your genius and our entire interprofessional team in growing NSTEP so children have healthy habits for life, and we work towards preventing chronic disease! 

Read on! 

Deb Hymers NSTEP Founder and Director

Download the entire report here.

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