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Why you should visit your local library - virtual or in-person!

Greetings NSTEPpers!

When was the last time you visited your local library – or have you ever been? Now may be the time to check out the many resources they offer! 

Libraries are a terrific place for learning and exploration. Studies have shown that early reading can help develop a child’s brain. Visiting the library can help encourage them to read and enjoy learning at a young age. 

But libraries are not just for children! 

When we are young, our brains grow along with the rest of our bodies. As our brains mature, they develop new connections as we learn and interact with our environment. Have you ever heard of “use it or lose it”? Well, that is true for brain connections too. The more we use these connections, the stronger they become. They begin to cut back if we don’t use them; like pruning a tree. That’s why continuing to learn as an adult is so important. Your local library can be an excellent resource for learning. It can also be a community hub providing a space for classes, workshops, and social events. 

Here are some reasons why you should visit your local library: 

Here are some reasons why you should visit your local library

  1. It’s free! In Canada, libraries are funded by local municipalities and provincial government grants. This means you can access all library resources with proof of residency (driver’s license or address).
  2. Many libraries have extensive access to ebooks, audiobooks, language programs like Rosetta Stone, and even downloadable arts and craft templates and recipes. In Alberta alone, people have access to over 21 million books, CDs, DVDs, and eBooks. That is over 5.5 library items per Alberta resident.
  3. Is the item you are looking for not available? No problem. There are province-wide network supports to enable the sharing of public library resources. There are 71 public libraries in British Columbia and 249 service locations throughout the province.
  4. Libraries are more than just books. They often offer in-person and online classes and events such as book clubs, children’s storytime, reading and writing workshops, and special summer events for children. The list goes on!
  5. Accessible library collections are available. Approximately 5% of text materials are available in forms for people who have trouble reading material in conventional print. 

Visiting your library can be a great pastime, so instead of watching another episode of your favourite Netflix show, head down to your local library to see all it offers!

Earth Day was April 22

This year’s theme: “Invest In Our Planet.” 

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